Crepe Paper:  Durable Kraft Paper infused with a series of wrinkles.

Properties:  Soft to the Touch, Cushion Feel, Scratch Resistant, Pliable, and Absorbent.

Popular Uses:  Packing Paper, Wrapping Paper, Interleaves, & Void Fill.

Crepe Kraft paper is soft to the touch, flexible, scratch resistant, and absorbent.


Wrapping and Packaging Applications

It is these qualities of flexibility, scratch resistance, and absorbency that make crepe paper the ideal packaging for a full range of applications:

  • Wrapping Machine parts – including bare metal parts sprayed with rust proof
  • Irregular shaped parts – the flexible paper can conform to most shapes
  • Packaging tubes, rollers, cylinders, poles and other long objects
  • An interleave between metal sheets
  • Filler packing for stuffing boxes and providing protective cushioning
  • Scratch resistant protection of painted or coated surfaces
  • Applications requiring lightweight packaging options

PLEASE NOTE:  Our Crepe Paper is made using heavy duty 30 lb, 40 lb, and 60 lb basis weight Kraft Papers. These papers are not the same type of crepe paper used for party streamers.  This paper is thicker, durable, and suitable for a wide variety of packaging applications.

Additional Protection

Nichols Paper can further enhance the protective qualities of your crepe paper by providing you the option of using dry waxed Kraft paper.

Dry wax papers are impregnated with wax to add durability, moisture resistance, and that extra layer of protection you need when wrapping and packaging your products.

Print Options

Print your 1-4 color logo, business information, special instructions, and other designs of your choice onto your creped Kraft paper.

Build your brand, provide product instructions, market and promote your business and wrap and protect your products all at the same time.

Customized Quote

For custom sizes, please contact us for a quote.  Provide us with the basis weight of the paper, roll width and length, crepe % and quantity.

Additional Crepe Kraft Paper Options

Nichols Paper can further customize your creped Kraft paper by providing

  • Laminating options – strip laminating poly to the creped Kraft paper.
  • Creping of customer supplied papers
  • Sheeting options available.

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